Find Your Passion And Make Peace With Your Body


In addition to being a speaker, author and workshop/retreat leader, Rosie teaches body image courses at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Here is an excerpt from her post entitled: Getting to Body Peace


The time: Monday morning.  The scene: my closet.  The problem: what to wear to be on television. The challenge: the transition in weather makes me not want to wear long pants and a long sleeve jacket (my fall and winter professional wardrobe) but my spring wardrobe doesn’t really have anything that’s appropriate for television.   The result: one suit, six pairs of pants, and one dress strewn across the closet floor.

After the television segment (where I decided on a flowy, bright colored tunic that I normally wear with blue jeans but instead ultimately wore with black slacks to be more professional), one of the interviewers asked if I was totally fine with my body.

Cue: closet scene.

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Image Source: Print of Original Ink Drawing Love Illustration Hedgehog Flower Woodland Decor Black & White 5×7 by mikaart on Etsy