5 Tips For Managing Expectations

managing expectations

The following is an excerpt from Rosie’s post entitled, The Most Confining Expectations Are Our Own…

Lately, what I have been doing is having conversations with lots of people with whom I work or love about their expectations of themselves.  Because, boy, do we expect a lot of ourselves.  We expect ourselves to do everything perfectly.  The first time. And to do it all efficiently, effortlessly.

And I see myself in those people because I have been there, and it makes me panic for these people whom I so admire and for whom I want the best.  Because I don’t want the reason why life is hard and joyless to be them.  I know what it is like to take myself and everything I do so damn seriously and to feel that everything is so darn urgent that pleasure and satisfaction disappear.  I also know that being held hostage by your standards is no way to live, because you are always waiting– waiting for the other shoe to drop or for breathing room to appear.  And the truth is that you have to create the breathing room in your mind and approach because life is always going to be full, it is always going to be brimming, it is always going to ask for more.

Given that our expectations can be the very thing that sabotage us, here are five starter steps to managing- your own and other people’s- expectations.

Click here for the 5 Tips for Managing Expectations.

Do you struggle with managing your own expectations?  When does that come up for you?  How do you manage them?

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Understanding Self-Acceptance

self acceptance

You have to love yourself.

Women hear this adage and they panic.

“But love is so big, so total, so absolute,” we think.  ”And sometimes I don’t really like what I did or what I look like. Doesn’t self-love just give me a way to let myself off the hook over and over again?”


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Road Map For Resilience: 8 Steps to Help Get You Back On Track

A reader asked Rosie recently:

How does one build resilience in herself?

How does she exercise it?  

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the word resilience.

 lined paper

Back in the fall of 2010, Rosie’s dad experienced some serious health issues that changed her family’s lives. Unexpected complications left everyone at the brink emotionally and through this series of events she she discovered eight steps that helped get her back on track.

In her post Road Map to Resilience, she tells the story and how she discovered those eight steps that helped get her back on track.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling physically, mentally and emotionally at your end, you will want to check out the post in its entirety.

Click here for the 8 Steps to Help Get You Back on Track.


What is on your road map for building resilience?  What have you heard learned through difficult challenges or periods of resilience?

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Teacher Self-Care Inspiration

just breathe

Are you ready to engage in a bit of self-care this summer break and you aren’t sure where to start?

We’ve started The Healthy, Happy, Sane Teacher board on Pinterest to help give you some ideas. We’d love to have you follow along. If you aren’t yet pinning and would like to use this easy breezy teacher resource you can join here.

We’ll be pinning easy, healthy recipes, tips for adding a bit of yoga and meditation into your life, inspirational quotes, books you may enjoy and maybe even a little humor.

Please let us a comment about the kinds of pins you’d like to see on our HHST board.


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Tami’s Teaching Story and How She Was Totally Doing It Wrong Until She Wasn’t Anymore.


I found my life’s calling when I became a teacher. Finally, I thought, a job I could see doing for the rest of my life. 

And pretty much as soon as I found my calling, I lost my f*king marbles.

I’ve always been a super productive, perfectionist, ambitious, go-getter and stepping into a new career wasn’t going to change that fact.

My plan was to be the best teacher ever in the history of the universe.

Click to read the rest of the post first titled The Secret To Being A Happy Classroom Teacher…

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Rockstar in the Classroom and In Your Life… Welcome to The Healthy, Happy, Sane Teacher!

rock star

Love being a teacher?

Hate how it leaves you depleted for everything else?

You worked hard to get your credentials and, with a roomful of students depending on you, we know you are giving it your absolute all.

Yet, we also know that it never feels like enough (meanwhile: you are running on fumes, haven’t exercised in weeks, the laundry monster is growing, and the grading monster is even scarier).

Are you wondering how to be a rock star in the classroom while maintaining a better life balance?

Want to learn how to have an incredible school year AND get your laundry done?

Join us for The Healthy, Happy Sane Teacher: Sustainable Self-care for a Successful School Year.

We’ll teach you how to take care of you so you can take care of all those sweet faces looking back at you.

Buy now —  your teaching- and your life- will never be the same.

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